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Our goal as a ministry is to lead authentic worship, encourage spiritual growth, and support the preaching of the Word through creative and artistic music and arts. While artistic and musical excellence is the goal, we understand that worship is more than a style of music as well as more than an event on Sundays. Worship is an act of submission before a Holy God, characterized by obedience to the will of God and a sacrifice of one’s entire life for His glory—worship is a lifestyle. We seek to be a team of leaders who live worship, who live what we sing. Scroll down to see what each respective FBK campus offers and see how to get involved if you would like to consider serving as a worship team member.

Sugarcreek Campus Worship

Our Sugarcreek campus has two different styles of worship each Sunday. The 9:30am service is predominantly a traditional style of worship featuring more hymns, a choir, and orchestra. The 11am service is predominantly a contemporary style of worship led by a praise team. 

Eastmont Campus Worship

Our Eastmont campus has one worship service each Sunday featuring a contemporary style of worship led by a praise team. 

Serve in our church

Use your unique gifts to help build the Kingdom.

The worship and media arts team are always looking for those in our church with the passion, talent, and the desire to serve. There are a multitude of opportunities from singing in the choir or praise team to playing an instrument, or from serving on the sound team to helping with lights and online streaming. All of these are great ways to serve the church and build friendships with other church members. Click the link below to find out more about these opportunities and more!